Raised Access Floors

A Raised Access Floor or False floor provides a raised or elevated structural floor, often above a concrete slab, to create a concealed void for the usage of Electrical and Mechanical service.
They can be manufactured in different types to suit the requirement of an environment.

The panels are normally made up of a steel panel with a cementitious internal core or Mild steel-clad particleboard or Calcium Sulphate Core material with an edge band all around.

Panels may be covered with a variety of flooring finishes to suit the application, such as high pressure laminates, marble, stone, and antistatic finishes for use in computer rooms and laboratories.

When using a panel with a cement core, top surface the panels are sometimes left bare and sealed to create a tile appearance. This bare application is used most often in office area, hallways, lobbies, museums, casinos, etc., and covered with Carpet etc. as top finish.

Types of Raised Access Floorings are:
  • Cementatious Fill with Mild Steel – Bare or Laminated

  • Wood Core with G.I. Encapsuled – Bare or Laminate

  • Calsium Suphate panels with edge band – Laminated

  • Wood Fibre reinforced with Calcium Silicate. Fully Encapsulated panel with GI Sheet.


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